“I wish to be one of the most popular faces of SAB TV.” – Malini Kapoor

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July 18, 2016
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“I wish to be one of the most popular faces of SAB TV.” – Malini Kapoor

The beautiful Malini Kapoor has been actively in contributing to adding dramatic twists and turns through portrayal of various characters in TV shows like Balika Vadhu, Rangrasiya and Gangaa. Now that the fine-looking actress will be seen entertaining the masses in SAB TV’s Y.A.R.O Ka Tashan, she sheds some light about her character in the show and her excitement to be a part of it.

Malini, please tell us about your latest venture Y.A.R.O Ka Tashan?

Y.A.R.O is a new project that I’ve taken up. It’s about a professor creating a child as they don’t have a child of their own. I’m playing the professors wife and then the story moves ahead about how a small robo kid is created and treated like our own, how he is redesigned from 6 years to 15 and then finally to 21. It’s shocking and intriguing for our neighbors, also since he is a robot kid he has powers and abilities far more powerful than kids his age and how we cover up his acts

What is your character like in the show?

My character’s name is Beena Agarwal. She is a very sweet but restless lady who is extremely happy that her husband has finally created a child for her since they couldn’t have their own baby. Beena Agarwal runs a parlor in their society called Beena beauty parlor. She is innocent and is blindly in love with YARO. The thought of even losing him at any point scares her to death.

Your character has a unique takia kalam where she repeats one word two times. How did the idea come about?

Yes I have a takia kalam in the show where I repeat words in whatever I speak or say. This is what makes the character unique. For example, I would never say aaeye na, it would be aa aa ke aaye na. Also, I have never done such a role before and I am very excited about it. I give total credit to our writer Sahab Amit Aryan as they have made Beena an interesting and different character, and I am very excited to play this role.

The concept of Y.A.R.O Ka Tashan is different, why did you agree to take up the show?

Well, my answer is hidden in your question, I took this show up only because it’s a very different concept and I’m very sure it will be very interesting for the audience to watch. I have waited long to take up a regular show as I didn’t want to do the usual social drama. I needed a break from that. No glycerin and no serious stuff for a change. As a person I really like to live a free and light life and doing comedy helps me in the same

You will be seen paired opposite veteran actor Rakesh Bedi. How has your experience been so far?

I’ve been paired opposite Rakesh Bedi Ji, he is an amazing co-actor to work with and has an amazing sense of comedy. He appreciates my work. In a comedy show being comfortable with your co-actor is very important and he surely makes me feel so. We have a great time doing scenes together.

Are you open to doing more of comedy for the small screen?

I love doing comedy. I have done Mr. and Mrs. Sharma for SAB TV before. My role in Rabb Se Sona Ishq was also a comic relief in the show. It’s my dream to do a light travel show for SAB TV. Now that I’m working again for SAB TV, I soon wish to be one of the most popular faces of the channel. I will put in my 100% in this show as doing comedy as an actor is not very easy.

Good-luck Malini!

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