I will give Comedy Nights Bachao Taaza my best shot – Ssharad Malhotra

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I will give Comedy Nights Bachao Taaza my best shot – Ssharad Malhotra

Ssharad Malhotra, who is known for his roles like Maharana Pratap and his current role that is Rishi in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki, has now decided to expand his horizons and has decided to be a contestant in Comedy Nights Bachaao Taaza. It’s his first time in a comedy reality show and he has a lot to share about his experience. Take a look at what Ssharad had to say about his new expedition-

Ssharad, its the first time you are taking up a reality and that too a comedy show. How are things going for you?

I have been working in fiction shows for 10 years now. My previous shows and this one are poles apart! It’s a new genre and it’s very challenging. Here you have live audience and hence there are no retakes. You have to give it your best shot in the first take itself! The show is completely different for me. Here your energy, your body language, punches and your dialogues need to be spot on. Since comedy is new for me, I was a bit nervous, but the show is amazing. It has good energy, a positive vibe, and for me, it’s a stress buster after hours of intense drama. It helps me unwind after a long day at work.

So how are you managing Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki and Comedy Nights Bachao together?

Well, I am shooting twelve hours straight at Kasam and at the same time I am also rehearsing for Bachao! If there were 25 hours in a day, I would just love it! I feel like I need more time, daily!

So what kinds of reviews are you getting for this stint of yours?

Well, it was only yesterday that the first episode aired and I was very nervous about it. This is a very different stage for me. I was a bit worried but things went well. I got good reviews from my friends and my fans. My fans have already started bombarding me with clippings and GIF’s and posts on social media and I’m happy that they are accepting me in this avatar!

The comedians from the last season have set some benchmarks, do you think you can overshadow them?

I have done just 3 shows in my career and all three of them are super hit shows. I don’t believe in benchmarks. The reason for this is that every day there is someone out there who is constantly doing better at the things that you do. There is fierce competition if you look and people getting better every day. I will give it my best shot and I hope that people like it!

Since comedy is difficult, how do you intend on tackling this challenge?

Well, I am a very sincere person. My strategy is to do my homework and be prepared for the worst. Even though I’m new to this, I’m already picking up a few things. I am polishing my quick response, my reflexes and trying to be witty as in a reality show, anything can happen. I hope for the best and I’m going to give it my best.”

You are working with legends of Indian Comedy like Krushna, Bharti and Sudesh sir. How has the experience been?

Bharti, Krushna, and Sudeshji have been pillars of some of India’s best comedy shows. They are all brilliant. They are seniors and I respect them for doing such a difficult job! But every time that we meet I start cracking up! They are joking all the time and we all have a good time. In fiction shows, we use glycerine to get fake tears but here these guys make us laugh so hard that tears start rolling down our eyes! All of them are just too good and all I’m doing is that I’m observing them and learning things from them.

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