Sanskar and Lakshya to reach Sahil’s house; will they meet Swara…?

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Sanskar and Lakshya to reach Sahil’s house; will they meet Swara…?

Colors’ beloved show Swaragini is undergoing a major twist with Swara (Helly Shah) losing her memory and meeting a new guy in her life. As we are all well aware of Anuj Sachdeva entering as Sahil on the show, let’s see what is in store for Swara.

In the upcoming episodes, Sahil will enter as a Saviour to Swara. He will find Swara lying on the bank of a river and will jump in to save her. He will then take Swara to his place, while Swara will still be in an unconscious state.

Amid all this, the viewers will get to see Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) and Lakshya (Namish Taneja) landing up to Sahil’s place, where Swara is kept.

Well, don’t get too excited as they haven’t found out Swara’s whereabouts yet. The duo brothers actually went there for some other purpose, unaware of the fact that Swara is there. They would have gone to Sahil’s place to meet his mother for some work. But the question here comes in… will they be able to find Swara or will it be a hit and miss case?

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