Review: Parvarrish Season 2- A new season with a novel concept!

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April 5, 2016
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Review: Parvarrish Season 2- A new season with a novel concept!

Some great actors make their comebacks as leads on the second season of ‘Parvarrish’, where the idea remains the same with a new concept and a fresh perspective towards parenting children.. ‘Parvarrish’ Season 2 looks promising.

Parvarrish Season 2

TIME- Monday to Friday at 9 pm on Sony TV
PRODUCED BY- Deeya Singh, Tony Singh
CAST- Gautami Kapoor, Sangita Ghosh, Vinay Jain, Sandeep Baswana, Diana Khan, Bhavika Sharma, Anuj Pandit, Deepak Qazir and Meenakshi Sethi

A middle class family consisting Surinder (Sangeeta Ghosh) and Kulvinder (Sandeep Baswana) as the mother and father, Papaji (Deepak Qazir Kejriwal) and Bebe (Meenakshi Sethi) as the grandparents with Jaswinder Kaur aka Jassi (Diana Khan) and Jogi (Anuj Pandit) as their children, move to Delhi from Amritsar in hopes for a better lifestyle and a brighter future for their kids.

On the other hand, an urban educated family consisting of an affluent working woman, Simran Gupta (Gautami Kapoor) and her husband, Dr Raj Gupta (Vinay Jain) live in Delhi with their free spirited teenage daughter, Riya (Bhavika Sharma).

Surinder and Simran are old friends, who are very happy to be reunited getting a chance to relive their friendship along with discussing parenting issues, which they face pertaining their children. After initial apprehensions and small issues, the two families become cordial with each other.

Jassi is an introvert and shy girl who doesn’t like the modern kids but is forced to develop a friendship with Riya, who hates her. Jogi is a happy-go-lucky boy who loves his sister and takes care of her at various intervals along with consoling her whenever she is sad or disheartened. Jassi and Jogi get admission in Riya’s school, where they face the modern kids with urban lifestyle.

Will Jassi and Jogi adapt to the new school? Will Surinder’s aspirations for her kids get fulfilled? How will Riya tackle the entry of Jassi and Jogi? The answers unfold soon.

The lead cast’s brilliant performances with special mentions for Sangeeta Ghosh, Vinay Jain, Sandeep Baswana and Anuj Pandit.

The adorable sibling chemistry between Jassi and Jogi, who love each other to the core and care for each other.
The contradiction portrayed in the kind of children’s attributes, where one is shown as a shy introvert and family girl while the other one comes across as an extrovert, rebel and free spirited; giving some great scenes when they come at loggerheads.

The cliched love triangle (a guy-between-two-girls) track, which is seemed to be developing from the latest episode.

Bhavika Sharma isn’t convincing as the bratty kid and has various loopholes in her performance.
Gautami Kapoor’s performance is the least convincing of the cast, where she underplays her role of a possessive and skeptical mother.

Being the second season of a successful show, Parvarrish Season 2 lives up to the promise of its genre with some great performances. Tackling a similar concept in a different manner is the right approach and should work in the favour of the show. It may take time to develop an audience apart from the loyal ones, but if strong content continues to be the prime priority, the show is sure to be a success.

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