Why are Pragya and Tanu Hell bent on marrying Abhi?

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Why are Pragya and Tanu Hell bent on marrying Abhi?

It has been a while now since Tanu and Pragya started battling it out to win Abhi’s heart. Both of them have been fighting head on just to get married to Abhi. (Since almost forever now) Let’s take a look at what reasons do these girls have!

Pragya loves Abhi. Her love is pure and she has no hidden intentions. She just wants to be with Abhi and wants to have a happy life with him. What we fail to realize here is that Pragya may actually be an obsessive lover! All this while, she has been taking all of Tanu and Aliya’s evil deed infested knives on her back! But have we wondered why? Isn’t it all just a little too filmy?

And that’s not it!

Talking about Tanu, she is sure even crazier. Tanu is assisted by Aliya, who is Abhi’s sister. This is a sister who tried to kill her own brother at a point of time! Tanu also wants to marry Abhi and along with Aliya, she has conspired against Pragya just to get her away from Abhi! (Why would Tanu want to choose a girl who loves her brother’s money over a girl who loves the brother himself? God knows!) They have framed her for theft, they have framed her for property theft, demeaned her at multiple occasions, hired a Sharp-Shooter to kill her, and even tried to kill her with a bomb! Like how far would you go to get rid of a girl that’s hitting on your guy? Aliya is a strange girl who has weird desires for her brother and Tanu is another obsessive girl who will do just about anything to get together with Abhi!

Well, all of this it is a little of both weird and funny!

So, Dear Abhi, On behalf of all men, I would like to ask you a question. What is it that you have and other men don’t? Do you have a room full of gold? Super powers? Infinite supply of food? Or do you have a something extra? We hope our questions are answered soon!

Until then, let us watch to what extents can the two ladies go for Abhi!

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