Kamal Narayan holds Suraj ‘HOSTAGE’, challenges Chakor!

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December 20, 2016
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December 20, 2016

Kamal Narayan holds Suraj ‘HOSTAGE’, challenges Chakor!

Kamal Narayan’s atrocities against Suraj and Chakor just does not seem to end in Colors’ Udaan!

The upcoming track of the show will be action packed where Kamal Narayan will hold Suraj hostage and challenge Chakor to find him, failing to which, Kamal Narayan will kill Suraj.

Chakor, Vivaan, and Imli will then take up the challenge but will find it impossible to even assume where could have Suraj be kept! While on the hunt, a strong-willed Chakor will come across a locked room which will be under the surveillance of Kamal Narayan.

Chakor will then strategise a plan where Imli and Vivaan will divert Kamal Narayan’s goons attention. Chakor will make an entry through the window but much to her shock, she will see none other than the villain himself sitting with a gun pointing towards her.

While Kamal Narayan rejoices his win, he will later learn about Chakor’s double game on him!


Well, when Kamal Narayan will insult her on loosing the challenge, Chakor will backfire stating that she has successfully rescued Suraj leaving the former open-mouthed!

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