I will feel bad if Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai goes off air – Hina Khan

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I will feel bad if Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai goes off air – Hina Khan

Televisions most ‘chaheti bahu’, who made us laugh and cry, gave us life lessons and family goals, has quit her show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai after an 8 year long association.

Akshara, aka Hina Khan, sat down with India Forums and in a no-holds barred interview, spoke her heart out about all that has transpired in the last few days, pertaining to her exit from the show.

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You quit Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai after 8 long years. Was there any other reason for your exit apart from the fact that there was nothing more to do with Akshara’s character?

Yes. That was one of the major reasons for me quitting the show. There was nothing left for my character to do in the show. The story had to progress and it could only do so if we brought in the new generation and they could take the story ahead. Akshara did everything- as a beti, as a bahu, as a daughter, as a wife, as a mother and justified the same. Every last drop of Akshara was squeezed out.

I believe it was the right time for me to move on and honestly, it had become monotonous for me as well. There were many times I felt like moving on from the show and even had discussions with the makers regarding the same. But things did not work out as there was a lot of pressure on me. But this time, it became easy for me as now, there are people who can take care of the show.This is one of the reasons it became easy for me to step back and take this call.

An online portal mentioned with proof that you would change the script of your co-stars.

I have always been open about what I say or what I do and don’t do. I have mentioned before as well, if I was the one chopping off the lines of my co-stars or changing the script, I would be the one seen more on screen. This says it all.

Can you clarify once and for all about the rumors of you being the tantrum queen of the show?

Mai kya bolun? It’s sad. You name an actor who has been a part of one show for 8 long years and sustained. It’s easier said than done. In today’s times, it is absolutely not difficult to replace someone or throw some actor out of the show. We have many examples. This is just not true that someone just blames someone for no reason that I throw tantrums and all. 8 saal yeh show chalana aasaan baat nahi hai aur agar maine chalaya hai toh yeh justify karna that I throw tantrums is not right. You run the show for 8 years and take everyone alongside you on the journey, then we’ll talk.

How was your last day on the sets?

It was nice, it was cool. Actually, we were all prepared. For the past week and a half, after we shot for my death sequence, I shot for a few scenes, but it wasn’t planned that how many such shots did they need. We did not have a last planned day as such.

Your dead body has not been shown by the makers of the show and they have left Akshara’s death open ended. So, are there any chances of you returning to the show?

I have no clue why did the makers not show Akshara’s dead body or why they left that track open ended. But lot of people asked me this question. I have no idea about this. If I come back, the story will again come back to Akshara. And they all want to move on now and concentrate on other actors. So I don’t feel that me returning to the show would be right. But then, baaki abhi sab TRPs aur logon ko show kitna pasand aata hai, uspe depend karta hai. Now if you ask me, I probably might not go back as I want to move on.

Would you return to Yeh Rishta if there was any patch work/ flashback scenes left to do?

Why not? If I am free, I will go. Otherwise I won’t.

Now that Akshara is not a part of the show, there are rumors that the show might go off air.

I don’t know. Even I am also hearing these things. Mai kya bolun abhi. This is a very tricky question. I have seen the makers making a new set and they are also introducing a new family. It’s almost like a new show. And why would they do all this if their show was to go off air in the next three or six months? And if they are putting in so much of hard work, then isn’t it obvious that the show is not going off air?

But having said this, the television industry is such that things happen overnight and any news might come out. It completely depends upon the audience’s interest. Now if I go back and ask everyone to see Yeh Rishta just because I have come back, they might not, if they have no interest any more. But you know, I will feel bad if Yeh Rishta goes off air.

You share a good rapport with Rohan and he is in the Bigg Boss house. Are you following the show?

Yes, I am a big fan of Bigg Boss.

What do you think of Rohan’s game plan?

Rohan is doing great on the show. But sometimes he tends to get distracted. But he is also the youngest participant on the show. Everyone else is older than him and have big opinions. But still he has kept himself very strong till now. He is playing great and I am really proud of him. He loses his track sometimes but that’s okay. Living in that house is easier said than done. Outside, we have so many amenities to keep us company, have a lot of time, have 10 things to do, watch TV, hang out with friends, etc. It’s difficult for people living in that house.

There was a huge hype of you participating in Bigg Boss!

No no no. I don’t know where this came from. From the time I accepted that I am quitting Yeh Rishta, suddenly these rumors had started. Just because I said Bigg Boss there are rumors. If I would have said a Jhalak or a Khatron Ke Khiladi, rumors of me doing those shows would have started. Colors and Endemol both have not offered me Bigg Boss and I am not doing it.

You recently expressed interest in doing comedy reality shows. Have you been offered any comedy shows so far?

I don’t mind doing comedy. I just told what I feel when I was asked. But I haven’t yet been offered any comedy show. I have been very clear that I want to take a small break. But during this time, if I get a weekly or something like that, then I would surely do it. But sooner or later you have to get back to work. And as I am an actor, I am open to any genre.

You shot for a music video for Rocky and your production house!

Yes. That is our production house. And it was me in the music video. In fact, I have sung the song in that music video ‘Moh Moh Ke Dhaage’. But that was for an app that is still in progress and not for our production house. We have plans for production but nothing has materialized as of now.

Coming to Rocky, you recently said that you have no plans of settling down.

I know people talk about it a lot. But I am not getting married for the next 2-3 years. And coming to Rocky, wo mere bohot bohot close hai, mere bohot ache dost hai. We share a very special bond. And when the right time comes, I’ll let you know myself.

So this was Hina Khan in a candid conversation for you guys. And as for Hina, Tellybuzz wishes you All The Very Best for all of your upcoming ventures!

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