Vidya Review: When The Teacher is A Student!

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September 11, 2019
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September 11, 2019

Vidya Review: When The Teacher is A Student!

Hues as of late propelled its much-anticipated social dramatization titled Vidya featuring Meera Deosthale and Namish Taneja in lead jobs. The show created by Mahesh Pandey portrays the account of a youthful uneducated widow of a military man, who is constrained by her in-laws to instruct English in an administration school and as the subject of the show recommends, Vidya battles to show the language. The show set in a little town in Uttar Pradesh additionally portrays the poor state of government schools and the attitude of oblivious society in towns.

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The show starts with Vidya (Meera Deosthale) portraying her story as she visits a sanctuary with an expectation that the Goddess will hear her out petitions and award her desires. Vidya is seen wearing a basic cotton sari with since quite a while ago sleeved shirt, she is somewhat bashful due to her evil destiny and reverential. She is a lady in trouble as well, who chips away at the ranch and at home throughout the day. Her in-laws are ravenous who have squandered all the pay cash they got after their child’s passing. Presently, they have influenced government authorities to get Vidya an insignificant government work. Be that as it may, fate has some different designs for Vidya as she gets occupation of an English educator. In the wake of hearing the news, everybody gets stunned while Vidya is frightened and recalls her youth when her dad requested that her leave school and figure out how to do family errands.

What we preferred?

We loved the essential idea of the show – an uneducated attempting to show English and the story behind it. There are numerous shows dependent on social issues yet Vidya is one of only a handful couple of shows, which will be exhibiting the dull truth of Indian instruction framework pervasive in towns and remote territories even today. The show delineates different negative components existing in the general public including the evil presences of defilement, renumeration, enrollment trick and sexual orientation imbalance.

Aside from the idea, Meera’s presentation as Vidya is excellent. In spite of her last character where she played a solid and wild woman, here, she is depicting a modest and reluctant lady, who fears difficulties, which includes a freshness.

What we didn’t care for?

The setting of the town neglected to show up genuine. The presentation was somewhat emotional with the hero keeping ‘Mannat’ (Prayer) for getting a negative outcome from her request for employment while the mailman is touching base with the offer letter alongside ambient melodies. A few scenes were exaggerated like the one where Vidya is demonstrated furrowing the field herself. It’s 2019, an individual can be uneducated yet can’t be quiet. Few out of every odd ignorant widow is a maid in trouble. We missed Namish Taneja in the scene, we feel his entrance will make the plot all the more intriguing.


With Meera’s presentation and the idea of the show, Vidya makes for a decent watch. We need shows this way, which can change the viewpoint of group of spectators for the remotest regions and expectation the show adheres to its subject.


**½ (2.5 Stars)

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