TMKOC: Bhide Looses Key to His House!

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October 30, 2019
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TMKOC: Bhide Looses Key to His House!

Having observed Diwali with much fun and energy, everybody in Gokuldham Society is returning to their normal lives. In any case, as we will find in the up and coming scenes of Neela Tele Films Private Limited’s Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah’s (TMKOC) that there’s a special case to this.

Bhide is anxious about keeping gold and different assets at home during Diwali, and chooses to leave it in the security of the bank storage. Anyway to add to his stresses, he understands that the keys to the house have disappeared. While his significant other searches for them at home, he chooses to step out and search for them in the structure compound. As he is eagerly looking for the keys, his foot arrives in an overgrown fix of floor directly beneath Jethaa Lal’s overhang due to which he slips and falls.

Understanding that that specific territory of ground becomes tricky in light of Jethaa Lal’s morning schedule of offering water to the Sun god from the gallery, Bhide calls out to him in the would like to counsel against the training. Be that as it may, not exclusively does Jethaa Lal disregard his solicitation yet rather grants to Bhide on how his wake-up routine is logical and must be done in a similar way.

“Everything went so well during Diwali and I was so exceptionally glad yet now, with the lost keys, my psyche can’t appreciate the post-celebration emotions. Going out opened with the assets, particularly when such huge numbers of individuals are visiting the structure is a startling idea. I truly trust and implore that we discover the keys soon,” says Mandar Chandwadkar who assumes the job of Bhide in the show.

Will the whole distraught quest for the lost keys pay off? Will Bhide discover the keys to the house and get his genuine feelings of serenity or will the keys land up in the hands of somebody least anticipated? Do his assets stay safe or does anything get taken? Anything that will be doled out in the coming scene, as regular will be embellished with bunches of parody and chuckling.

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