There was a time when we thought that ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ might go off air! – Rajan Shahi

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There was a time when we thought that ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ might go off air! – Rajan Shahi

The name Rajan Shahi figures with Star Plus’ longest running every day cleanser ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’. We at India Forums, sat down to chatter with the maker who holds the qualifications for running a day by day cleanser effectively for over 9 years. With his milestone indicates like ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ and ‘Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai’ having broken the records and set a benchmark as far as viewership, Rajan Shahi spills a few beans on his excursion so far in the business and where he supposes the business is going.

“A show is not only a venture but rather a tyke that a maker supports and grows up with, with each passing day,” trusts Rajan Shahi. Here’s the maker’s real to life discussion about his excursion, difficulties and development from once being a generation kid to now helming a creation house himself.

You are credited with one of the longest running and effective shows in the nation. You began extremely youthful and remain as one of the most grounded makers today. How has the trip been?

I laid the main stone of Director’s Kut Productions in 2007. What’s more, on account of my experience of over 15 years, where I began as a generation kid to then turning into a chief, those 15 years of beginning background gave me a grass root level learning of the way the business capacities, as far as financial matters as well as far as everyday working. The entire knowledge persuaded me to take a choice in 2007 to end up plainly a maker and take control in light of the fact that in TV today, makers have control and a say in the inventive office also.

At that point came the following enormous test as the show ‘Bidaai’. Around then, every one of the shows were looking fundamentally the same as far as surface. Every one of them were captivating and over the top, including the acting… everything was excessively glamorized. In any case, I think we were extremely fortunate as we came when the crowd needed a change. For ‘Bidaai’, I offer credit to Star Plus, that they concurred on a show which was exceptionally straightforward and extremely uncommon. It was around two basic young ladies. It soon ended up being the top show and kept running for a long time effectively. Furthermore, later, ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ had an edge that “Bidaai” had given to the organization. The show was propelled in 2009, which again turned into a gigantically fruitful wander, adding the believability and acknowledgment to the organization and to me, as a creator.

We have done many shows, some did well, some didn’t. “Bidaai” and ‘Yeh Rishta…’ were to a great degree fruitful and even went ahead to end up plainly the most discussed shows. Be that as it may, I am similarly glad for shows like ‘Kuch Toh Log Kahenge’, which was again a way breaking appear with a storyline of a young lady experiencing passionate feelings for a more seasoned man.

You are running such a long show which still figures out how to beat the outlines. How would you confront the difficulties of imaginative immersion, when you are portraying a story for that measure of time?

A noteworthy component in making a decent show is choosing a decent group for it. What’s more, the other element, which even the supporters have confidence in is that we need to stay consistent with our surface. We shun making fake high focuses in the show. You watch the principal scene of ‘Yeh Rishta…’ or the current one… the spirit of the show continues as before. A couple of flow like the look, feel, and pace of narrating continue changing and that has turned out to be one of the USPs that have advanced with time. Yet, we have kept the nuts and bolts of the story in place by not making any false high focuses.

I think what has kept ‘Yeh Rishta…’ going from the most recent 9 years is the commitment and the time that the group has devoted, towards the show. I will likewise give a great deal of credit to the channel for making the show what it is. In 9 years of shooting the show, the channel has never raised any opposition or requesting that we stay aware of some other show.

Alongside shows like ‘Yeh Rishta…’ and ‘Bidaai’, you have likewise created demonstrates that are high on family dramatization. Be that as it may, ‘Yeh Rishta…’ keeps on pursuing even 9 years and has seen a social change of just about 10 years. The family elements and convictions have changed. How are you adapting to the change since your show is socially determined and relatability is a key element for the accomplishment of the show?

I think it will develop more. You’re correct, when you are shooting a show for a long time, it ends up plainly difficult to adapt to the evolving times… with consistently, a country and even an individual experiences a gigantic financial change. I have seen a gigantic change. It is practically similar to seeing a whole move in the business. Additionally, I relate this current show’s development with my little girl. The show was propelled when she was 4-5 years of age and now she is altogether grown up.

Having said that, the show is as yet significant in light of the fact that privilege from the day ‘Yeh Rishta…’ began, it was about the excursion of a couple and their everyday life and love after marriage. Basically, this show is about their connection and their families. We have touched genuine characters. We have never truly made them too over the top. So regardless of your experience, this is an exceptionally optimistic show. Consequently, you identify with the characters.

One all the more thing that I am exceptionally glad for is at whatever point I travel abroad, individuals perceive ‘Yeh Rishta…’ for its qualities and this is one demonstrate that can be viewed with the whole family. The story has advanced with time and today’s evolving ways, and the spirit of the show has been kept in place.

In our way of life, there are some all inclusive things that influences us in a similar way in spite of the social and topographical contrasts. The worry of a mother towards her kid continues as before, regardless of where we have a place with. So these feelings are for everybody. Particularly for abroad families, TV assumes a key part in understanding our way of life. What’s more, with ‘Yeh Rishta…’, comes an outside quality of positivism. We demonstrate the genuine excellence of relations, alongside an authenticity of regular issues.

Since you are making such a culture substantial show and you have seen the effect our shows have on its watchers. Numerous celebrations and societies win since they are appeared on TV in certain way. Wouldn’t you say that TV is by one means or another stereotyping the way of life in India?

The shows are moving with time. In the long trip of ‘Yeh Rishta…’, the show has never looked backward or immaterial on the grounds that individuals never lost relatability to it. We never modest away in raising commendable issues, nor are we stereotyping the saree-clad ladies and ghunghats. Truth be told, Akshara’s underlying days at the Singhania house, were exceptionally extremely important occasions when she realized an adjustment in an excessively refined family and revealed to them that covering your head doesn’t make an impeccable girl in-law. At that point she is given the decision to whether she needs to cover her head or not. Those are the sort of extremely important occasions we have kept in the show from the earliest starting point. Because one is demonstrated family determined, it doesn’t mean one is backward.

We have touched numerous social and individual issues. Today, on the off chance that you see the character of Naira, it truly symbolizes the young of today, which exemplifies standards and values and has her very own voice.

What additionally took us back to numbers (outlines) is the character of Naira, who is a young lady of today. She is the person who commits a considerable measure of errors and has desires, but on the other hand is touchy towards family and relations. We don’t demonstrate high contrast characters and attempt to touch each character in an exceptionally practical way.

You have imparted such a long connection to Star Plus, who is a pioneer in itself. What amount does the supporter add to imaginative opportunity and development of innovative substance in your show? Star Plus has dependably commended for the opportunity it gives. Is it all in all, with different supporters as well?

I have had a decent affinity with every one of the supporters. Also, I consider all them contribute a great deal and it is dependably an exceptionally advancing knowledge. For ‘Yeh Rishta…’, Star Plus has been to a great degree empowering. A great deal of credit goes to the channel for taking the choice to move down a show like this in any case. The channel was clear from the earliest starting point, that they needed a show like ‘Yeh Rishta…’ with no over the top characters and an excessive amount of performance.

For any show to keep running for this length, it requires an association between the makers and the channel. Our show remains for the best coordination that how a maker and a channel can cooperate. A show is a collaboration. They have remained by the show, through great and terrible. ‘Yeh Rishta…’ has an excursion of more than 2300 scenes, so there are parcel of encounters included. They (the channel) contribute as far as vision and have an extremely majority rule method for working.

You have as of late observed a gigantic cast change in your shows. The leads left the show and the new era has now assumed control over the story. How could you conquer that test? Is it true that it was hard to adjust the gatherings of people to these progressions?

A period came into the show about a year ago, when there was tiredness in light of the fact that as a group, we needed to confront a ton of difficulties from specific offices. There were heaps of issues and afterward there was this appalling habitual pettiness happening. Everything turned out to be extremely tiring. For instance, the journalists would compose something and that couldn’t get executed. What’s more, in the event that I would scrutinize the chief, he would have accessibility issues from the performing artists. The group was inadequate with regards to coordination. Everything turned into a very late business. There was no time for music or a decent alter.

For me, the 9 years of this show have been a progression of learning and comprehension. I am notwithstanding wanting to pen down a book on my voyage of making ‘Yeh Rishta…’. A year ago was the most basic and characterizing period for ‘Yeh Rishta…’ in it’s whole 9 years term. As a result of significant issues in specific offices and habitual pettiness, the item began enduring. It was just because of steadfast gatherings of people that we could stay aware of the show.

The establishment of the show is laid by the journalists and creatives. What’s more, by then, because of a startling issue, there was a feeling of hesitance and missing soul. I star

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