“Sanaya Irani & Drashti Dhami are amongst the most FANTABULOUS actors” -Saurabh Tiwary

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January 16, 2017
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“Sanaya Irani & Drashti Dhami are amongst the most FANTABULOUS actors” -Saurabh Tiwary

The Life Ok uber appear, “Ghulam,” is good to go to hit the screen one week from now and the buzz couldn’t have been “humming” more. With a stellar cast of Param Singh, Niti Taylor and Vikas Manaktala, the show has been all the rage since the very first moment.

After eye-getting promos and character points of interest given by the performing artists, the fretfulness for the show going on-air is just expanding. In an opposite discussion with maker Saurabh Tiwary, he spills beans on the show, the number amusement, and experience of working with on-screen characters Sanaya Irani, Drashti Dhami and now a NEW star cast.

So Saurabh Sir, what, as per you has been the greatest test making ‘Ghulam’?

I think the show’s scale and the composition have been the greatest calculates itself. In TV space, there are 7 channels today exhibiting very nearly 60 appears. In the midst of this group, you are displaying a NEW demonstrate that the gathering of people couldn’t care less straightforwardly. Consequently, unless and until there is not something “commendable” or “amazing” being proposed to the gathering of people, they are, obviously, not going to watch it. Indeed, even today, when we sit to compose a scene, we ensure that each scene has that component that keeps the gathering of people stuck to the TV screens.

One of the greatest patterns brought by you itself was the “MahaEpisode” slant. What as indicated by you is the greatest pattern on TV at present?

I think the MahaEpisode pattern is as yet going on and we are notwithstanding experiencing it (chuckles), as we have ‘Zindagi Ki Mahek’s’ mahaepisode on this eighteenth January 2017. Aside from that, I neglect to comprehend that why have a few stories turn out to be so “unbelievable” nowadays. And this is with due regard to “Naagin” and other such shows working. There was “Naagin” being made beforehand likewise and was effective in those days as well. Thus, it is not that “Naagin” thing which individuals observe the issue to be. The issue is there is a genuine absence of development nowadays. In the event that there is a specific pattern of show working, then everybody needs to take after that. Subsequently, I don’t have an issue with “Naagin.”

I mean we have seen “Boa constrictor” in Hollywood as well, correct? Along these lines, the issue is not with one specific show working, but rather the issue is with every other person taking action accordingly with no development.

“Ghulam” has a hard hitting idea. It is safe to say that you are proposing a societal change thusly ideas have a positive history of taking a shot at TV?

As indicated by me, I don’t surmise that I make any show to bring an ‘adjustment in the public arena’ in essence. Any TV indicate can’t acquire any adjustment in the general public at all. We are a diversion organization and we ought not overlook that. Notwithstanding when we made ‘Balika Vadhu’ or ‘Na Aana Is Desh Laado’, our exclusive plan was to exhibit a decent story and not bring an ‘adjustment in the public eye.’ Our occupation is to engage through any conceivable class and that ought to remain as opposed to introducing undesirable “gyaan” (information). Having said that, while introducing such a story, on the off chance that I have figured out how to bring a change, accidentally, then a special reward.

You have worked with GRP pioneers like Colors and Star Plus in the past and now you have gone to a channel like Life Ok with a moderately lesser GRP. Do you imagine that will be a worry?

No, I don’t think individuals watch appears as indicated by channels. They watch appears and any shows. The latest case to us can be ‘Zindagi Ki Mahek.’ Four months prior, when we were making this show for Zee TV, we were being said that we require a show which can be made with a lesser spending plan and for an early primetime space and we don’t need it to be shot in Mumbai, as it is costlier there. And after that comes ‘..Mahek’, on the off chance that you see, there is not ONE ‘known face’ in the show. We started the show with this less spending plan and it started with a 0.9 rating and we were going up against ‘Siya Ke Ram’ which was at 2.1 and ‘Shakti… Astitva Ke Ehsaas Kii’, the GEC pioneer. And afterward we came to one week from now, which was much lesser at 0.8. There was all of a sudden a great deal of weight and deny, if the show goes down, then we may simply need to close the show in 3 months.

And after that step by step, the turnaround started, where we got our hops from 0.8 to 1.0 then 1.3, 1.5, 1.8 and inevitably we came to at 2.1, where we are settled at 2.0 presently. A definitive essence of this is it was a lesser known show like “..Mahek” and a channel with same GRP as Life Ok! Along these lines, individuals don’t sit to watch channels particularly, they sit to watch appears. On the off chance that it is a decent show, inevitably the show will get because of informal. In future, God prohibit, if Ghulam’ doesn’t work, then it won’t be a result of Life Ok Channel, it will be a direct result of us.

Your past shows, ‘Madhubala-Ek Ishq Ek Junoon’ and “Rangrasiya” had any semblance of Sanaya Irani and Drashti Dhami separately, who have a gigantic fan taking after. Indeed, even today, you’re working with prevalent performing artists in ‘Ghulam’, however perhaps not to those statures. Do you imagine that will be an element?

For me, aside from the way that Sanaya Irani and Drashti Dhami are prevalent, they are among the most fantabulous on-screen characters I have ever worked with. Without a doubt star control matters, however on the premise of star power, you can most likely depend on getting viewership for the principal scene. That buzz will stop and end toward the finish of that first scene. From the second scene, it is the substance and composing that will become possibly the most important factor. Consequently, toward the day’s end, it is the genuine substance, composing and afterward the presentation that will matter.

We have seen a few shows as of late that have a huge prominence on the web, yet doesn’t come to pass into appraisals. Indeed ‘Phir Bhi Na Maane..Badtameez Dil’ was one of those illustrations. Why do you think the distinction happens?

That is simply because individuals are watching the shows online as opposed to watching them on TV. Furthermore, shockingly, online is not the right type of estimation of appraisals for Indian cleanser scenes. Unexpectedly, with me, this has dependably happened, where every one of my shows have been mainstream on the web. Be it ‘Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon’, ‘Rangrasiya’, ‘Phir Bhi Na Maane..Badtameez Dil’ and now ‘Zindagi Ki Mahek’ is likewise on those lines. Be that as it may, it is only disheartening that why does this prevalence not come to pass into numbers and why can’t the supporters adapt on it. I truly trust this gets channelized and gets adapted so that we as producers, get the support.

At long last, to the perusers, what would they be able to anticipate from “Ghulam” and in what manner will their desire be satisfied?

I think, individuals get engaged by viewing “Ghulam” and that is my sole witticism. As I said above, lecturing any social issue is not our point and we would prefer not. Regardless of the possibility that there is a message going, I might want it to go in the most non-lecturing way. Thus, I trust the viewers get engaged and they can expect an absolutely new type of stimulation which will be satisfied totally.

We want Saurabh Sir To enjoy all that life has to offer for “Ghulam” and simply like the viewers are absolutely anticipating it..!

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