Salman Khan Calls Hina The Original Bahu Bani Babe

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October 7, 2019
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Salman Khan Calls Hina The Original Bahu Bani Babe

There’s only one Hina Khan! The on-screen character graced the primary few days of Bigg Boss Weekend Ka Vaar and life arrives in a full hover as Hina is by a wide margin the most mainstream challenger of the House from the last 13 seasons. Hina was viewed as a major aspect of the general store task where the on-screen character brought exquisite messages from family and crowd for the housemates.

At the point when in front of an audience with Salman we cherished the fellowship between the two yet what truly struck out was Salman Khan supplementing Hina and saying You are the first ‘Bahu bani Babe’. While Salman has supplemented different entertainers on the show for their picture pivot, the first will consistently be Hina, and who else superior to Salman to vouch for this!

Sources state that hina was called first as a VIP in the all superstar season to move the housemates since she has set a guide to turn upward to and learn both inside and outside the house. Hina has consistently been simply the banner conveyor of being a unique self, she likewise referenced it on the demonstrate that being blemished is fine as long as you are as a rule genuine and battling for yourself, with no things of your picture as set up VIPs, in light of the fact that at last your lead, vocation and development outside the house as an individual is all that is recollected!

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