REVIEW: Barun Sobti – Surbhi Jyoti starrer Tanhaiyan Will Have you High On Emotions…

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REVIEW: Barun Sobti – Surbhi Jyoti starrer Tanhaiyan Will Have you High On Emotions…

Barun Sobti – Surbhi Jyoti starrer web series’Tanhaiyan’ came in as a ‘Valentine’s Day’ friend in need and treat for all. With 10 scenes all transferred together, the web arrangement allowed all of us to spend some great 2 hours 15 minutes. Delivered by Gul Khan (4 Lions Films) and coordinated by Gorky M, Tanhaiyan is certain to take you on a ride of feelings.

In the event that you are yet to see it, or part of the way through, here’s our interpretation of the arrangement.

The Story:

It’s Avantika (Priya Tandon) marries Siddharth (Mohit Abrol) on the square. Furthermore, on the event of the wedding, every one of their companions go full scale. That is the point at which Avantika’s closest companion Meera (Surbhi Jyoti) and Sid’s closest companion Haider (Barun Sobti) meet interestingly. In the absolute starting point, Haider even goes ahead to toss the poor young lady into the pool, but then, figures out how to appeal her consistently.

Bit by bit, we see them connecting more than casuallyand post some bantering and nok-jhok minutes, the couple becomes more acquainted with each other. Notwithstanding, they are absolutely absent to the torment that lives in both their hearts.

Be that as it may, Haider’s appeal is unmissable and powerful! (We are certain you’d concur) And, the case is the same for Meera who starts to create affections for him, and, miracles, on the off chance that she is prepared to have ‘that minute’ with him. The timid young lady that Meera is, she thinks of her own name for sexand calls it sleepX, which, Haider observes to be charming.

And after that, much the same as in the films, Meera awakens in Haider’s garments the following day, at the same time, nothing really happens that night.

Subsequently comes the ‘mixed drink night,’ when them two guarantee to not toast at last have “that” (Since Haider wouldn’t exploit a smashed young lady). While they are battling their torment, they both appear to discover comfort and peace in each other’s arms. In any case, this time, Meera ends up being the playgirl, (or if nothing else puts on a show to be) while Haider is left in a situation. In any case, every one of us realize that they cherish each other, isn’t that right?

The not really cherishing side of a relationship is then depicted. Haider, in light of his own blame, pushes Meera away, yet, tries to battle his inward devils. Meera chooses to leave, and leave his life, however that is when Haider proclaims his affection to the woman.

While they at long last are in glad space, things don’t work generally advantageous. The team chooses to get ready for marriage, travel to London and meet Haider’s motherto conclude things. In any case, predetermination appears to have changed arrangements for them as detaching the tickets, Haider vanishes from the engagementceremony, abandoning a room brimming with chaos.

Months cruise by, and there’s no advance in their romantic tale. Alongside Meera, the watchers as well, are left pondering as to will they ever meet again? Is this truly the finish of HaiRa or improves in store for them!

Rating: ***1/2 (3.5/5)


The greatness of the setsand the whole area is quite recently heavenly. Despite the fact that the significant piece of the web arrangement is shot at the Bungalow, what we see on the screen is charming.

However one more of the considerable things about the arrangement were the outfits. One could get some major ‘fashionspiration’from them.

Proceeding onward to the story, the show makes them astonish exchanges which go directly through your heart (counting the opening lines of Barun Sobti otherwise known as Haider). All through the arrangement, you will encounter a wide range of feelings – going from agony to bliss to love and detest. Since there are an excessive number of sentiments caught all together, the music unquestionably means the whole look and feel. There are minutes when you will have tears with a grin all over, while there are cases where you will have your blood bubbling. With everything taken into account, you’ll be on a rollercoaster ride on the enthusiastic front.

Rating: **** (4/5)


One thing that did not run down extremely well with us is the consistency. On a par with the story and the acting is, a significant part of the arrangement is about what we know may happen (or if nothing else, there’s a 90% shot that it’ll happen). The web arrangement gave us an extremely Bollywood feel at specific scenes.

Rating: **1/2 (2.5/5)


Barun Sobti rocks it as Haider. He is the star of the web arrangement in its genuine sense. His move from the casanova that he is in the show to the affection struck kid that he gets to be is praiseworthy. He has his feelings right and will undoubtedly make you go gaga for Haider.

Surbhi Jyoti otherwise known as Meera is the thing that she does the best. As she conceals her agony and turns into the young lady who spreads joy, in the meantime, she likewise is the young lady who needs somebody to hold her up. Despite the fact that she’s tried too hard at first, a couple of scenes into the arrangement, her character step by step settles down.

Whatever remains of the cast is similarly essential and everybody’s really done it well. In spite of the fact that the story rotates around Haider and Meera, both their arrangement of companions assume a similarly essential part in conveying the whole story forward.

Rating: **** (4/5)


Tanhaiyan is a total bundle in its own. While it has its own particular highs and lows, it beyond any doubt will have you lift your telephone up and say ‘I Love You’ to your uncommon somebody.

Evaluations: **** (4/5)

In case you’re a Barun Sobti fan, you’ll be enamored with him once more. Additionally, in case you’re somebody who’s constantly high on feelings and emotions, you ought to fling watch it immediately!

Upbeat Watching!

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