Rashmi and Shivani to be ‘HUMILIATED’, will compete with with ‘Kinners’ in Ghulaam!

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Rashmi and Shivani to be ‘HUMILIATED’, will compete with with ‘Kinners’ in Ghulaam!

The up and coming scenes of Ghulaam guarantee to bring some high voltage show concentrating on the strength rehearsed upon the little girl in-law by an unbending family.

We have as of now observed that a pompous Veer continues embarrassing Rangeela and Shivani and in the wake of being through circumstances, Shivani has lost regard for Veer and has become partial to Rangeela.

In the scenes ahead, the show will reveal a track by bringing the “kinners” to the house to favor the little girl in laws of the house.

While Gulguli shouts to Rashmi and Shivani, Rashmi will take a ton of time in her room, along these lines annoying Gulguli!

A source illuminates, “Rashmi, will’s identity preparing in her room, won’t have the capacity to keep down her feet from scoring to the beats on which the ‘kinner’s move on. She will move and appreciate alone and won’t understand that Gulguli continued holding up. At the point when Gulguli will find out about this, she will request that Rashmi and Shivani move and contend with the kinners and it will be an absolute necessity to win!”

In spite of the fact that Rashmi will feel mortified to hit the dance floor with them, the kinners will spare her from Gulguli’s torment by losing the opposition. Be that as it may, Shivani while moving, will stumble over a kinner, in this way making Gulguli amazingly irate and irritated.

In what manner will Shivani adapt up to the standard procedures Gulguli has made in the house?

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