#PromoReview: Porus is as EXTRAVAGANT as it gets, but with a few GLITCHES!

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#PromoReview: Porus is as EXTRAVAGANT as it gets, but with a few GLITCHES!

Sony TV is back with the second promo of their aspiring war show Porus and we couldn’t be more energized. While the primary promo offered us a look into the glory of the show, the second promo gives us a knowledge into what Porus is about and how his story unfurls.

What’s more,

This is what we thought about it.

What is the promo about:

The promo begins with visuals of two nations – India and Greece. While India is appeared to be socially rich and favored, the natives of Greece are appeared to be in an exceptionally denied and critical situation.

The two Queens of the separate kingdoms are appeared to expect beneficiaries. While the ruler of Greece is appeared to being gone to by her hirelings, the Queen in India is appeared to be caught and is compelled to convey her youngster inside a well. The voiceover at that point depicts how decisively at the extremely same time, in two distinct corners of the world not two individuals, but rather two unique considerations took birth.

The voiceover expounds how while one of the children shone in the east, the infant in west turned into the explanation behind distress.

Enters Sikander, who is depicted as somebody who constantly wanted to vanquish and manage over the entire world.


We are acquainted with Porus, who is depicted as somebody who constantly wanted to ensure his country’s fringes.

The promo finishes up with the voiceover of what will happen when Porus will turn into the destiny’ of Sikander.

What We Liked:

The creators have figured out how to keep up the magnificence and standard of vfx that they set with their first promo.

In the two moment long promo, the creators have adequately expounded on a large portion of the key characters and their backstory, giving a better than average plot knowledge and lucidity to watchers.

What We Did Not Like:

While the general visuals are noteworthy, Laksh Lalwani’s Porus look and Rohit Purohit’s Alexander look had glitches…

Laksh Lalwani’s wig looks not well fitted and phony. We wish his look was better mixed with his character.

With respect to Rohit Purohit’s look, his headgear likewise looks not well fitted and Rohit himself looks awkward wearing it.


In a 2 minute long promo, something will undoubtedly be passed up a major opportunity, which is fine. The producers have satisfied our desires and we can state that they have really gone up. What’s more, now, we can not sit tight for this epic war show to go on-air.

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