Padmavati Row: Deepika Padukone trolled for saying that ‘we have regressed as a nation’

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Padmavati Row: Deepika Padukone trolled for saying that ‘we have regressed as a nation’

The challenges against Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s period activity film Padmavati is developing step by step. It really began in January this year when Sanjay Leela Bhansali was assaulted by individuals from Rajput Karni Sena on charges that the movie producer is contorting Rajput history. They likewise affirmed that the film has a personal succession between Alauddin Khilji, played by Ranveer Singh and Padmavati, tried by Deepika Padukone. Sanjay Leela Bhansali by then had cleared up that no such scene exists in the film. Be that as it may, the challenges died down just until further notice. With the film all set to discharge in around two weeks, the dissents have re-heightened.

The lead performer of this film, Deepika Padukone is clearly incensed with these debates. She put forth an outrageous expression to the IANS on this issue. She stated, “Where have we came to as a country? We have relapsed. The main individuals we are liable to is the blue pencil board, and I know and I trust that nothing can stop the arrival of this film.”

IFTDA’s question and answer session in help of the arrival of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s PadmavatiPadmavatiShahid Kapoor advances ‘Padmavati’ on Fever 104 FMPadmavatiPadmavatiPadmavatiDeepika Padukone advances ‘Padmavati’ at the studio of ‘Fever 104 FM’Bollywood stars visit Deepika Padukone’s habitation for a bash to observe Padmavati trailer’s prosperity


Deepika Padukone asserting that India has relapsed however chafed many individuals. On Twitter, many turned out to express their reservations on this perspective of Deepika and even trolled her.

Gita S. Kapoor @GitaSKapoor

One more joins the rush of the Intolerant posse as Deepika Padukone states that ‘We have relapsed as a country’. #Won’tWatchPadmavati

5:39 PM – Nov 14, 2017

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Savio Rodrigues 🇮🇳 @PrinceArihan

Deepika Padukone states we have relapsed as a Nation. At the point when XTian people group challenged Da Vinci Code was it relapse or movement.

9:41 PM – Nov 14, 2017

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Nitin Joshi @duramount

Stupid Deepika – shd keep out of this chaos OR simply do like madhuri

Talk much w/o saying anything truly

She doesn’t seem2be understanding the greatness of charm the word/picture “padmavati” reverberates in hindu personality

For her it may very well be a character

6:56 PM – Nov 14, 2017

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Ishkaran S. Bhandari @Ish_Bhandari

Deepika Padukone ought not have named her Character #Padmavati , then do all naach gaana she needs to do in mehfil.

Try not to disregard the individuals who relinquished to profit.

4:42 PM – Nov 14, 2017

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RVAIDYA2000 @rvaidya2000

Because there is oppn to her motion picture Padmavati- – Deepika says nation relapsed – wht an egotism/wht a semi – educated/disclose to me your cash source – will tell who is regressed:))))) RT

5:02 PM – Nov 14, 2017

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Doppy @Hoohahheehaw

#deepikavssena India has not relapsed, Deepika has relapsed in her covetousness for Dawood’s grimy cash… we need to know wellspring of assets of Bhansali films

6:22 PM – Nov 14, 2017

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Padmavati is good to go to discharge on December 1.

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