Movie Review: Half Girlfriend

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Movie Review: Half Girlfriend

Practically every book of the Indian writer Chetan Bhagat has been transformed into a component film and it has now turned into a pattern of sorts. Adding to that is the second joint effort of Arjun Kapoor with Chetan Bhagat after he played the hero in their much effective 2 STATES. HALF GIRLFRIEND once more is a sentimental dramatization yet this time, the subject manages the changing meaning of youthful connections. Will this film figure out how to hold the achievement quo of the team or will it neglect to coordinate to those desires, we should investigate.

The story begins off with Hindi medium taught Madhav Jha (Arjun Kapoor) entering the prestigious St. Stevens College in Delhi where he meets the cutting edge and English speaking Riya Somani (Shraddha Kapoor). As they bond over b-ball and investigate the bylanes of Delhi amid their school days, Madhav succumbs to her in spite of the consistent cautioning from his companion Shailesh (Vikrant Massey). When he admits his affections for her, Riya chooses to make their fellowship a stride ahead however hesitant to give it the title of a relationship, she chooses to be his ‘half sweetheart’. In any case, after a spat between the two, Riya maintains a strategic distance from Madhav just to later give him the welcome card of her wedding with her adolescence companion Rohan. While the news leaves Madhav broke, he chooses to go to the place where he grew up where he takes up the undertaking of enhancing offices at his mom’s school. He at the end of the day runs over Riya, now a divorced person, who helps him in his attempt yet soon vanishes again from his existence with a letter of admission about her affection for him. Regardless of his rehashed endeavors, Madhav neglects to track her down and chooses to travel to New York which as admitted by Riya was where she needed to satisfy her fantasy to end up plainly an artist. Once more, overwhelmed with adoration, Madhav chooses to chase her down in New York with another assurance of rejoining with her eternity. Will he prevail in his endeavor and discover intimate romance, is what truly matters to the film.

In an offered to reclassify present day connections, HALF GIRLFRIEND tries to investigate an idea that is a slight bit befuddling in its own specific manner. Other than that, not at all like 2 STATES that plainly characterized the idiosyncrasies of two distinct groups, the script of this film looks insane. While the creators keep on claiming the film to be a “sentimental” dramatization, let us disclose to you that the clarification of ‘half sweetheart’ keeps on staying questionable even as the film closes.

Besides, the screenplay composed by Tushar Hiranandani is route overdramatized for the youthful Indian group of onlookers and that is the greatest defect of the film. The screenplay neglects to keep the group of onlookers fascinated completely. In spite of the fact that the story is transitioning, grown-up sentiment, the sentiment appeared between the lead characters is not compelling and engaging and does not keep the group of onlookers connected with as it ought to. There is not really any scene in the film which sets up a passionate associate or touches the harmony of your heart.

Add to that, the majority of the dramatization that unfurls on screen is about suppositions. For instance, when Riya discusses her fizzled marriage, it is a great deal to a greater extent a discussion between two characters. This to some degree makes the groups of onlookers feel much more disengaged with the characters and their feelings. The lead characters likewise need profundity. In the meantime, the depiction of steady issues encompassing them, leave an impression of the characters being frustrated attributable to their ever confounded lives.

While there are movies like EK VILLAIN and AASHIQUI 2 surprisingly, here Mohit Suri totally loses his grasp regarding the matter. Actually, it wouldn’t not be right to state that the movie producer hasn’t done any equity to the story. Truth be told, a ton of the scenes in the film go from show to 90s drama, taking you back to his last flounder film HAMARI ADHURI KAHANI.

The second 50% of the film appears to be excessively extended, particularly towards the peak. Notwithstanding the way that the run time is not really around 135 minutes, the procedures appeared to be comprehensive trying your understanding and along these lines neglects to make the coveted effect. What likewise add to the troubles are some mind blowing scenes like that of Bill Gates. While the VFX group has endeavored to make the nearness of Bill Gates in the film with embellishments, they flop unpleasantly, to such an extent, that the generally heart-touching scene appears to be a silly comic one.

Considering that the film falls under the sentiment type, it rides on the shoulders of Arjun Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor. Be that as it may, the most essential piece of the film, their science or rather the absence of it is a standout amongst the most disillusioning parts of the film.

Coming to exhibitions, Arjun Kapoor figures out how to cruise through his part as a Bihari kid however attributable to the imperfect script and screenplay, he gets next to no extension to perform and his looks are restricted. Shraddha Kapoor needs conviction as she tries to play her character who is a cross between a ball player and an artist. Her lip-adjust is off track with regards to Riya singing the English numbers and a solid disagreement of her voice that can be detected when she sings English and Hindi melodies is a disposition executioner. Then again, supporting performing artist Vikrant Massey as Shailesh makes a tolerable showing with regards to and different characters like Seema Biswas take the film forward.

Mohit Suri’s movies are known for its deep collections yet it appears that HALF GIRLFRIEND needs sweet tracks. “Baarish” endeavors to get through the chartbuster list yet generally the music is entirely situational. Regardless of five performers like Mithoon, Rishi Rich, Farhan Saeed, Tanishk Bagchi, Raju Singh meeting up, the music is very baffling. ‘Phir Bhi Tum Ko Chahunga’ and ‘Thodi Der’ alongside its English rendition are continually utilized as a part of the film as foundation score, which gets irritating after a point.

The discoursed composed by Ishita Moitra are to a great degree sensational and excessively dim notwithstanding for Bollywood. The altering by Devendra Murdeshwar too could have been a ton crisper considering that there were numerous scenes that could have been discarded it. Cinematographer Vishnu Rao doesn’t successfully ad lib the circumstance either.

All in all, HALF GIRLFRIEND appears to be an obviously emotional bit of true to life work that neglects to make the coveted effect. In the cinema world, it will battle to survive post the opening end of the week.


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