Karan definitely set the bar high and I hope I can take it ahead from there- Nikhil Chinapa

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Karan definitely set the bar high and I hope I can take it ahead from there- Nikhil Chinapa

DJ, VJ and TV moderator Nikhil Chinapa is to make a rebound on the forthcoming period of MTV Roadies, X5. In suspicion of the new season, he exposes the substance of crude feeling, a daunting struggle and extreme rivalry.

This is what he needed to say in regards to joining once more into what’s being known as a CULT appear

You’re coming back to roadies following 7 years, what are you anticipating?

Being with Ranvijay and re-joining with whatever remains of the team. We scarcely get to joint and this allows us to get together.

What will be distinctive in this season?

The areas! Recorded front lines are the setting of the undertakings. Likewise, we have Harbhajan Singh. Look out for him, he’ll be tossing a great deal of googlies! It gets eccentric for us also.

You’re supplanting Karan Kundra on the show. What do you need to say in regards to the discussion encompassing his exit?

It’s only a conflict of dates. With respect to the bits of gossip DEBUNK IT COMPLETELY! We as a whole consented to the adjustment in line-up, Karan certainly set the bar high and I trust I can take it ahead from that point.

There are a great deal of enthusiastic upheavals on the show. How would you think it influences the youthful watchers?

I can let you know, has get enthusiastic as well. I have enthusiastic on Splitsvilla. As Indians, we are an enthusiastic culture and we have no issues demonstrating our passionate side. In an excursion like Roadies, individuals reveal their privileged insights. For the challengers, it’s a purgation of sorts. There will be a contender on the demonstrate that I met, this individual will experience an immense change. Furthermore, it will include family. The show DIGS DEEP.

What do you like the most about Roadies?

The comradeship and the SHEER PASSION. We have a to a great degree driven team that has remained the same since Roadies’ commencement. I like how it’s been kept up all through.

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