Friendship Day Special: Reem Shaikh & Sehban Azim’s Friendship is Goals!

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Friendship Day Special: Reem Shaikh & Sehban Azim’s Friendship is Goals!

Prevalently referred to by their fans as ‘Kalma’, Zee TV’s well known on-screen couple Kalyani (Reem Shaikh) and Malhar (Sehban Azim) have been accepting honors for their presentation and on-screen science in Tujhse Hai Raabta.

All things considered, what many aren’t mindful of is the way that the two entertainers share an extraordinary brotherhood and fellowship off-screen too.

The two entertainers regularly invest their break energy playing tricks and showing the other something new! They are direct inverses, however altogether appreciate enjoying fun chat. Sehban frequently turns picture taker for his dear companion on the sets as he is energetic about photography on days when he isn’t playing a driving educator to Reem who is wanting to begin driving her very own vehicle.

Then again, Reem has willingly volunteered to constrain Sehban to fall back on eating well and expending green tea all as the day progressed.

They bond with different entertainers too and are continually spreading some fun and give a shout out to the sets. At this point, they more likely than not had multitudinous recollections and fun minutes with one another and we can’t resist being dazzled with their science.

Remarking on their kinship, Sehban stated, “It will be a year now of knowing Reem, we began shooting together for our show “Tujhse hai raabta” in August a year ago and from that point forward it’s been right around a day by day shoot…it appears to be an adventure as of now with a pool of recollections to share including meeting her just because and winding up best of companions and knowing and sharing nearly everything with one another at this point. She’s an awesome young lady loaded up with inspiration and a never amazing. She is likewise exceptionally anxious to learn and hungry for information.

Best of all, she regularly does senseless things and afterward she admits to these and ridicules it herself. Presumably that is one thing that caused our fellowship to become more grounded with time. In spite of the fact that in the show I’m generally irate with her, contending or questioning her yet, in actuality, I’m really partial to her. It frequently winds up trying for us to shoot when we are battling or romancing on-screen since we wind up snickering in the middle of takes the greater part of the occasions. This show has given me genuine “raabta” with many individuals inside a year and Reem is unquestionably one of those I esteem.

I might want to wish her Happy Friendship day and will commend the event with her and the whole cast of Tujhse Hai Raabta”

Reem stated, “Sehban is somebody extremely critical to me. At the outset, I never truly figured we would bond so well. Be that as it may, presently he is somebody I can trust and I adore conversing with him since some place down the line I understood, our reasoning is fundamentally the same as. We generally have a ton to discuss and examine. He generally discloses things to me when I’m befuddled and causes me comprehend things better.

Sehban underpins me when I’m correct and amends me when I am off-base. He generally needs me to peruse and continues imparting intriguing stuff to me for my great. It feels extremely decent to have somebody who stands by you, bolsters you and in particular handles you truly well. Sehban is very useful and humble and I adore that quality about him.

He is probably the dearest companion on-set and I am happy spectators appreciate watching us as Kalma on-screen. We have a truly agreeable and great bond off the camera which includes to our science screen. I am truly fortunate to have discovered a decent companion and co-star in him. This companionships day, I am anticipating tying Sehban and my whole group of Raabta fellowship groups and value what we as a whole offer.”

Praise to Reem and Sehban for their astounding kinship and we trust their Raabta keeps going forever!

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