“I have been extremely patient when it comes to Ghulam” – Vikas Manaktala

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“I have been extremely patient when it comes to Ghulam” – Vikas Manaktala

The Life Ok super show, “Ghulam,” is good to go to roll and will go on-air in a little while. The sit tight for the show has been a long one, where the promos have likewise made a noteworthy buzz.

What denote the rebound of the main trio, Vikas Manaktala, Param Singh and Niti Taylor, the show has everything going ideal for itself.

In an opposite discussion with performing artist Vikas Manaktala otherwise known as the fierce Veer, he gets his real best and spills beans on his character, the show ‘Ghulam’, some past debates and the present situation of Indian TV.

So Vikas, on the off chance that we discuss your vocation diagram, you have done moderately few fiction appears, where the most prominent ones have been ‘Left Right Left’ and ‘Principle Naa Bhoolungi’ and now “Ghulam.” Why is that?

I don’t generally know the correct response to it. However, what I know is that since the underlying days of my profession itself, I just couldn’t interface with saas-bahu adventures by any stretch of the imagination. I feel lost when I see those shows as an on-screen character, not as a viewer. Subsequently, that consequently has happened into being my goal for taking up work. I take up just the work that energizes me and “Ghulam” has been to a great degree energizing for me. Truth be told, I was the primary performing artist to be thrown in the show, which was 8 months back. I have been to a great degree persistent with it so you can envision, on the off chance that I have been so understanding with it, the show should absolutely be justified, despite all the trouble.

Veer is an intense and rich man, who is anarchic and takes after the rule of the town of Behrahampur. Furthermore, that standard is ‘ladies have no privilege and no say in anything.’ He is a bad-to-the-bone crafty man and doesn’t take after any guidelines, as there are no principles in Behrahampur. He has a “ghulam” as Rangeela and utilizations him like a manikin.

A few people accept that you didn’t take advantage of the notoriety you picked up from your past shows, particularly ‘Left Right Left’. Do you lament that?

Not in the slightest degree! My pinnacle is still yet to come. I am that individual who needs inventive fulfillment. I never entered representing cash. With God’s elegance, our privately-owned company is benefiting decently and well-to-do. Subsequently, I entered acting, as I had an enthusiasm towards the workmanship and thus, years prior, I had left TV as I was feeling the loss of that energy towards the craftsmanship and towards the substance. I don’t state that I am right and I am certain that few demonstrates that were offered to me and I declined to work went on to wind up distinctly incredible hits. Be that as it may, each individual has its own trip and that is the thing that we call getting advanced. I am as yet learning and attempting to show signs of improvement.

What do you need to say in regards to the entire discussion that occurred in your last show, ‘Fundamental Naa Bhulungi’ with your past co-star, Aishwarya Sakhuja?

It couldn’t be any more obvious, I am that individual for whom its work and simply work. I don’t comprehend that why do these stupid issues must be centered around where there are such a large number of better things to be looked upon. At the point when two experts cooperate, both must be proficient. I have that approach where If I am blamed for something or being struck at, I won’t respond and let the thing be it. Furthermore, that is the point at which I read about how she gave an article cite about how she wasn’t right and she apologized. What’s more, above all, this is presently past.

“Ghulam” is going ahead Life Ok and the channel is experiencing a total patch up. In any case, do you believe that the GRP consider, where life Ok is generally behind from market pioneers like Colors and Star Plus will influence the show?

I unquestionably wish that it doesn’t influence the show. Truth be told, I wish that it turns into the significant channel driver like ‘Left Right Left’ backed then. I can continue trusting that history rehashes itself and this shoe turns into the reason that Life Ok turns into the No.1 Channel so far as that is concerned. You let me know, some other channel who might really need to go amiss from their well established quintessential ideas and present an idea like this on the tube? I believe it’s a to a great degree colossal and overcome move by the channel to advance it.

The “Naagin” calculate keeps on decision the TRP outlines and continues getting trendier with regards to patterns. Why do you think the powerful kind has turned into this marvel?

It is absolutely past me. I would not even wanna consider it. I simply need to concentrate on my work and not consider all that. Everything I can continue wishing is that our show does to a great degree well and opens on awesome TRP pointers. I trust the gathering of people watches the show and likes it for the way it is.

We want Vikas to enjoy all that life has to offer for this super show and are sure to be engaged.

What do you need to say in regards to Vikas’ rebound?

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