EXCLUSIVE: This person will SAVE Ananya aka Avni from Amol’s ATTACK in ‘Naamkarann’

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EXCLUSIVE: This person will SAVE Ananya aka Avni from Amol’s ATTACK in ‘Naamkarann’

Star Plus’ dramatization, “Naamkarann” is at last making a beeline for a standout amongst the most essential tracks, which really investigates the first core of the show – the genuine personality of oneself.

As of now, Ananya otherwise known as Avni (Aditi Rathore) is indicated juggling a ton of issues, where on one hand, she needs to keep her personality avoided Neil (Zain Imam) and Ali (Gautam Vig), and then again, she has a fresh out of the box new test as her sibling, Aman who is currently Amol (Sushant Mohindru).

Amol is a spoilt rascal who is additionally ill bred and sly towards others. The watchers have as of now saw how Amol is the guilty party behind the mishap that happened with Neil. Notwithstanding, now that Amol has come to realize that a specific Ananya is an observer to this mischance, he is set for discover her and show her a lesson.

The precap demonstrated how Amol will be effective in discovering where Ananya dwells and will arrive up at her place.

Yet, here is the thing that will happen later.

As Amol alongside his companion jump into Ananya’s living arrangement, they will recognize her and will attempt to assault her. Ananya otherwise known as Avni has as of now observed what this spoilt Aman otherwise known as Amol is fit for when he hurt a worker for not obeying him.

It would be an enthusiastic exciting ride for Avni as she understands that this individual is her own particular sibling, Aman and that he is a changed man, graciousness Dayawanti (Reema Laggoo).

Luckily, at the last possible second, Neil would come and spare Ananya from Amol’s assault. Neil and Ananya have an affection detest relationship however with regards to her wellbeing, Neil is defensive towards her.

Will Amol’s truth be uncovered? Will Avni be effective in changing Amol to Aman at the end of the day? The truth will surface eventually.

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