Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga Movie Review

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Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga Movie Review

As of late, the draconian and backward Section 377 was put down as ‘illegal’ by the Supreme Court of India, offering would like to a huge number of the individuals who were pulled in to individuals from their very own sex yet couldn’t turn out openly. Bollywood has made movies on this perspective however they are rare. The individuals who talked about it forthright like FIRE [1996], ALIGARH [2016], ANGRY INDIAN GODDESSES [2015], MY BROTHER NIKHIL [2005], MARGARITA WITH A STRAW [2015] and so on were intended for specialty gatherings of people and then again, GIRLFRIEND [2004] was unreasonably unpleasant for standard crowds. DOSTANA [2008] anyway was a standard film yet here, the characters claimed to be gays. KAPOOR and SONS [2016] took a genuine, straightforward methodology yet it was only a little track in the film. What’s more, in DEDH ISHQIYA [2014], it simply contacted upon the angle in an unobtrusive way. In such manner, EK LADKI KO DEKHA TOH AISA LAGA is a critical flick as it bases on a lesbian character and in the meantime, it highlights noticeable performing artists and supported by a presumed generation house. So does EK LADKI KO DEKHA TOH AISA LAGA make great utilization of the chance and work for sure? Or then again does it bomb in its undertaking? We should break down.

Motion picture Review: Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga

EK LADKI KO DEKHA TOH AISA LAGA is the account of a young lady needing to cherish yet isn’t permitted to because of societal weights. Sweety (Sonam Kapoor Ahuja) lives in Moga, Punjab and is the little girl of Balbir Singh Chaudhury (Anil Kapoor), who runs a major article of clothing processing plant. She finishes her graduation and Balbir begins chasing for an appropriate prepare for her to wed. Sweety’s definitive sibling Babloo (Abhishek Duhan) anyway understands that Sweety subtly is enamored with somebody. When she goes to Delhi to meet the darling, Babloo pursues her. Sweety acknowledges and she flees. She arrives up in a dramatization hall where she finds play chief Sahil Raza (Rajkummar Rao). Sweety winds up observing the play practice and comments that the play needs soul, as though the author executive has never become hopelessly enamored. Sahil succumbs to her at that exact moment. Babloo anyway arrives up at the theater and Sahil causes her in fleeing from him. So stricken is Sahil by Sweety that he arrives up in Moga. He professes to lead an acting workshop there and he’s aided in his ‘central goal’ by the adorable Chatro (Juhi Chawla). Babloo in the mean time tells Balbir and Beeji (Madhumalti Kapoor) that Sweety adores Sahil, a Muslim kid. Balbir is stunned and chooses to promptly locate an appropriate counterpart for Sweety. Then, Sahil discovers from the house help in Chaudhury’s Kothi, Chaubey (Brijendra Kala), that Sweety’s family thinks about him and that Sahil is here for his ‘better half’ Sweety. Sahil’s bliss knows no limits as he presumes that even Sweety likes him. On Beeji’s great birthday slam, Sahil meets Sweety in private and affirms his affection. This is when Sweety admits to him that she doesn’t love him and that her adoration intrigue is a young lady. What occurs next structures whatever is left of the film.

Gazal Dhaliwal and Shelly Chopra Dhar’s idea is dynamic and makes an essential remark, which is laudable. In any case, simply having a decent message isn’t sufficient and there are a couple of imperfections that should have been dealt with, for a superior effect. Gazal Dhaliwal and Shelly Chopra Dhar’s screenplay is conventional yet doesn’t have the hard-hitting feel. Thus, the film’s effect is restricted. On the in addition to side, a couple of scenes are elegantly composed. Gazal Dhaliwal’s exchanges are great.

Executive Shelly Chopra Dhar delicately handles the subject of homosexuality. Nonetheless, the contentions don’t appear that extraordinary for reasons unknown. Preferably, the showdown between Sweety (Sonam) and her family ought to have been increasingly extraordinary and that is the point at which it would have had a crushing effect. Additionally, the finale appears a bit excessively shortsighted.

EK LADKI KO DEKHA TOH AISA LAGA has a fairly ungainly start as the festivals in the tune ‘Gud Naal Ishq Mitha’ appear somewhat shallow. The story grabs as Sweety and Sahil meet in the assembly room and later in the grouping inside the metro train. The way in which Sahil chooses to leave the play practice in the center and set out to Moga to discover Sweety is very hard to process. What’s more, this perspective proceeds all through the film. A couple of scenes all over fortunately engage like Balbir furtively heading off to the kitchen and Balbir-Sahil’s first gathering. The break point could have been increasingly significant however all things considered, it attempts to a degree. Post-interim, Sweety’s flashback merits viewing and a ton of unanswered inquiries get unraveled. Once more, Sahil’s choice to remain back in Moga to help Sweety feels somewhat outlandish. The peak could have turned out badly, a la AAJA NACHLE [2007] however fortunately, it doesn’t. In the meantime, it doesn’t initiate a sentiment of the creeps, which it in a perfect world ought to have.

Sonam K Ahuja gives a fine execution yet doesn’t awe much. She could have completed a great deal with such a splendid part however she releases the chance. Her execution isn’t a disappointment and yet, not as critical either. The film focuses on her however it’s alternate performing artists who convey the film. Anil Kapoor takes the show with his execution and leaves a huge stamp as the patriarch confined by society and its desires. He will undoubtedly put a grin in scenes where he is enthusiastically cooking in the kitchen and when he gets enchanted by Juhi. In the finale, it’s his execution that lifts the film. Rajkummar Rao has somewhat of a supporting part and is incredible as usual. Truth be told, he’s good to the point that one wishes that he had a more drawn out job. Be that as it may, he’s frustration by the portrayal. Juhi Chawla is entirely cute. Shockingly, she makes a decent attempt to be clever before all else parcels yet once she arrives up in Moga, she is something different. Her Google outline will without a doubt be valued! Abhishek Duhan has the negative influence well. Madhumalti Kapoor is sweet. Brijendra Kala is very great and raises chuckles in the scene where he’s pursued by Rajkummar. Seema Pahwa (Billo) gives a flawless and funny execution. Sara Arjun (youthful Sweety) is agreeable. Akshay Oberoi (Raza) is squandered. Kanwaljit Singh (Sahil’s dad) and Alka Kaushal (Sahil’s mom) are sweet. Lastly, Regina Cassandra (Kuhu) is a significant imperative piece of the film and inspires with her sure demonstration. Despite the fact that one wishes her character was given more screen time.

Rochak Kohli’s music is unpretentious and contacting however not of chartbuster assortment. ‘Ek Ladki Ko Dekha’ is played at essential crossroads. ‘Gud Naal Ishq Mitha’ doesn’t have the ideal effect. ‘Chitthiye’ is contacting. ‘Local Party Song’ and ‘Hello’ are cool however aren’t significant. Sanjay Wandrekar and Atul Raninga’s experience score is great.

Himman Dhamija and Rangarajan Ramabadran’s cinematography is very great and catches the districts and feelings well. Rajat Poddar and Teddy Maurya’s creation configuration is practical and has the residential community feel. Sheetal Sharma’s outfits are stylish. Ashish Suryavanshi’s altering is unexpected at a few spots.

In general, EK LADKI KO DEKHA TOH AISA LAGA makes an imperative analysis on same-sex connections in India and is decorated with some fine exhibitions. Be that as it may, the story is helpful to have any enthusiastic effect. In the cinematic world, its allure will be confined to specialty urban multiplex groups of onlookers.

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