#BiggBossRankings: The rankings for the past week are rather STRAIGHT and SIMPLE with no surprises!

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December 2, 2017

#BiggBossRankings: The rankings for the past week are rather STRAIGHT and SIMPLE with no surprises!

Saturday is here, as are we with the week after week rankings for Bigg Boss season 11. Dissimilar to a week ago where the house was isolated into two gatherings (Team Hina Khan V/S Team Vikas Gupta), this week has a few changes and corrects made.

Read on as we list down the main 10 contenders for as long as week.

With just 10 hopefuls in the house, Luv Tyagi remains at 10 on our rundown. Aside from having his hair style, and grabbing battles, there wasn’t much that we saw him do this week. He made it to the rundown simply in light of the fact that there are a minor 10 competitors in the house at the present time.

With the body disgracing comments that Priyank Sharma made towards Arshi Khan, we didn’t know whether he ought to have been in our rundown. However, the way that he apologized understanding his misstep, and truth be told, assumed the part of a sanchalak extremely well, here we have him at the ninth position. Given the notoriety he has, we would rather set aside the current week’s opportunity to show him some place above where he right now is.

Next on our rundown we have Bandgi Kalra at 8; cordiality her stretch of breaking family unit things with beau Puneesh Sharma and obviously, her capacity to withstand what Hina Khan put her through in the errand.

The hot headed man that Puneesh has swung to be, he remains at the seventh place on our rundown, graciousness his forceful side that we have seen, and, on the grounds that we feel that in an opportunity to come, he has the capacity to proceed if Bandgi is wiped out at any point in the near future.

Hiten Tejwani stands sixth on our positioning meter; a man who is without any vindictiveness and a player who knows his amusement, Hiten is by all accounts at last leaving his shell and we think in the event that he keeps playing the same, we will get the opportunity to see significantly additionally originating from him.

Akash Dadlani has, from numerous points of view climbed the diagram attributable to him being dominated by detainee Arshi and things he needed to persist amid the week. In the event that he plays it right, he stands an opportunity to remain in the best 5, and remain solid.

At the fourth position we have Arshi Khan doing what she does the best – start up ruckuses and irritate the hellfire out of housemates in more routes than one. On the off chance that she keeps on playing this filthy session of hers, she will see a drop from our rundown without a doubt.

The most dubious of the considerable number of challengers at this moment, Hina Khan is at the third position for all the wrong reasons. While there is presumably that she has been giving a ton of substance to the creators, she has additionally been liable to a considerable measure pessimism in the house. Nonetheless, with all the terrible she is doing and saying, she for once accepted her slip-up of doing what she did to Bandgi, and we trust that it does some harm control for her.

Shilpa Shinde has been one of the much cherished competitors in the Bigg Boss House, and however she didn’t do anything enormous this week, she managed to effectively maintain a strategic distance from things Arshi and Akash advised to her, which we believe is useful first of all.

What’s more, at the best we have the recently named chief of the house, Vikas Gupta. An exceptional sanchalak for the errand, he amended his courses with Hina and Priyank, along these lines improving things a little in the house as of now.

With the Weekend Ka Vaar, if or not things will continue as before, the truth will surface eventually. As a general rule, one day is sufficient to change conditions in the house, would it say it isn’t?

What do you think about the rundown?

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