BB13: Vikas Accuses Sidharth Shukla of Favouring Asim in Captaincy Task!

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BB13: Vikas Accuses Sidharth Shukla of Favouring Asim in Captaincy Task!

The merry season is around the bend and the housemates as of now appear to be in an upbeat mode. With Sidharth’s reemergence inside the house, the environment has improved. Rashami and Arhaan’s ongoing choice to take a break from one another gives path for further theories. Sidharth, then again, begins prodding Shefali Bagga and attempts to play cupid among her and Arhaan.

Shehnaz and Sidharth show at least a bit of kindness to heart discussion:

After an exceptionally lengthy timespan, Shehnaz appears to be soothed to have Sidharth back and shows some kindness to heart discussion with him. She gives him a total update of each episode that occurred in the house while he was away. She communicates how Rashami and Arhaan’s relationship is appearing to be phony and how everybody around is discussing them.

Kindness : Colors TV

Rashami furious about Sidharth’s remarks

The following day, Shefali Bagga still feels miserable and is contemplating over what Shukla revealed to her the prior night. She promptly reveals to Rashami that it was amazingly profane of Sidharth to match her with Arhaan in the midst of all the passionate yields and battles occurring between the couple.

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The current week’s captaincy task is declared and the housemates commonly choose to play with genuine sportsmanship. Shukla is picked to be the Sanchalak of the undertaking. The fun starts and the undertaking is going full bore however it before long takes an unpleasant turn, as Vikas feels that Shukla is favoring Asim and his group. Shefali Bagga, is approached to surrender her captaincy and that offers path to a significant battle. Shehnaz joins in as well and gets miffed as she feels that she is being let somewhere around her very own kin. She is alluding to Paras and Sidharth as Paras chooses Mahira for captaincy from his group. A passionate Shehnaz gets into a gigantic battle and has a breakdown.

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