BB 13|Vikas Gupta: My Entry Will Not be Well Received!

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BB 13|Vikas Gupta: My Entry Will Not be Well Received!

The makers of Bigg Boss are leaving no stone unturned in entertaining the audience with high dose of romance, fights, controversies and what not. Be it the ‘SidRa’ romance or Sidharth and Asim’s incessant fights, Bigg Boss 13 is always full of drama.

Adding to the unlimited drama is an entry of yet another contestant. This wild card entrant has been in the house before and was given the title of “Mastermind’. Yes, we are talking about none other than Vikas Gupta, finalist of Bigg Boss season 11.

Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde were known for their countless fights on the show and Vikas is now back as wild card entry much to the surprise of contestants in the house.

Excerpts from the interview….

It has never happened in the history of the show that a contestant from the previous season enters as a wild card entrant. Your views on it?

I feel that since this has never happened in history there is an unspoken pressure on the one who enters the house. If I do not play as I am being expected to I will be judged not only by the audience but also by the contestants present in the house and all the contestants who have stayed in the house from the previous seasons.

What do you have to say about the ‘Mastermind’ tag which you received in the house earlier?

I feel very happy about it. I like how people keep in the mind the tag and give examples about how to play the game. I hope other contestants follow the same. It is very difficult to perform the tasks and maintain your relationships in the house.

Do you feel the pressure of maintaining your image with 150 cameras being there in the house?

The pressure is on everyone. Even if you do not feel the pressure others will make you feel it.

What do you think about Sidharth Shukla being called ‘Mastermind’ of the house?

I am glad he is being given that tag this time. I will show you some other colors in the house. I have other qualities too apart from this.

Have you watched Bigg Boss this time?

No, I have not watched the season this time. It stresses me when someone is crying in the house and since I am not a part of the game I cannot do anything about it.

This season many tasks have been eliminated. What is your take on this?

Who’soever is a part of Bigg Boss I would like to say that play it like a game, enjoy it, cherish the moments in the house. Perform tasks effectively. Enjoy being a part of the tasks as well as the game.

Who do you think is the ‘Mastermind’ of the house this time?

Nobody is ‘Mastermind’ here. We all have different qualities. Some people may have qualities that I do not have.

Sidharth and Rashmi are being called Vikas- Shilpa of this season. What would you like to say about this?

The equation I and Shilpa Shinde shared was completely different than the one Sidharth and Rashmi are sharing. Shilpa and I did not share the same ideologies and that is where the difference arose. This is not true in the case of Rashmi and Sidharth.

Who do you want to talk to in the house first?

I am very nervous about entering the house. I know my entry will not be well received by the contestants, they will be angry.

Do you have any advice for contestants in the house?

Advice should be given when someone asks for it. Advice not asked for is not taken in a positive way.

What is your strategy this season?

Have I ever played keeping a strategy in my mind? My strategy is made according to the situation.

Any message for your fans?

I would like to tell my supporters to live a very happy life.

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