AT LAST! After all the fights, Sunil Grover makes a comeback on Sony TV

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AT LAST! After all the fights, Sunil Grover makes a comeback on Sony TV

The most recent couple of days have been truly intense for Kapil Sharma, Sony TV, Sunil Grover and a large number of fanatics of broadly viewed ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. After rehashed endeavors by Kapil Sharma to apologize to Sunil Grover for the inflight fight between them yielded no reaction from the last mentioned, Sony TV chose to mediate and do the needful. They too were unsuccessful in persuading the ‘self-regarding’ Sunil Grover to make a rebound on the show. After rehashed disappointments, Sony TV played it keen and figured out how to persuade Sunil Grover to play his greatly well known exaggerated characters of ‘Dr. Mashoor Gulati’ and ‘Rinku Bhabhi’.

Prior to your energy hit the skies, let us uncover that, Sunil Grover’s rebound as the two prominent characters are not for ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, but rather for the finale scene of Sony TV’s well known reality indicate ‘Indian Idol’. An insider from the channel told Bollywood Hungama that, it was in fact a brilliant move by Sony TV to get Sunil Grover to perform on ‘Indian Idol’. The source included that, since Sunil Grover was still under contract with Sony TV, there was no chance he could decline to show up on the show. With every one of the eyes anxiously anticipating the rebound of Sunil Grover as ‘Dr. Mashoor Gulati’ and ‘Rinku Bhabhi’, the channel is expecting the finale scene of ‘Indian Idol’ to earn stunning TRPs.

In the interim, while Sunil Grover is caught up with doing live shows, Kapil Sharma is all the while dallying with ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ too the shooting of his up and coming film Firangi.

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