Here’s how the Ittefaq remake starring Sonakshi Sinha will differ from the original

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Here’s how the Ittefaq remake starring Sonakshi Sinha will differ from the original

Maker Karan Johar and chief Abhay Chopra have chosen to behave in a dubious manner with the Yash Chopra-coordinated 1969 test tension thriller Ittefaq. The first film including Rajesh Khanna and Nanda came at the pinnacle of Khanna’s superstardom. He played against his sentimental picture and was given a role as an extremely damaged man on the pursue from the law being blamed for killing his better half.

In the first tune less film Khanna looks for shelter in a house where just a lady exists. Nanda broke her prude picture to play a spouse executioner. In any case, here is the thing. The neo-Ittefaq plans to adjust the peak and the closure.

Says a source near the venture, “Everybody has seen the first Ittefaq on TV satellite DVD and the web and they know how the whodunit closes. They can’t have a similar consummation in the change. The completion is being re-composed and Sonakshi Sinha’s character is no longer going to be an executioner.”

That isn’t the main change in the pipeline. The first film contained no tunes, which was to a great degree bizarre in those days particularly for a Rajesh Khanna starrer as he was known for his sentimental tunes.

The new Ittefaq will have melodies, including a special video highlighting the new-age variants of Khanna and Nanda. Ponder what executive Abhay Chopra’s uncle Yash Chopra would need to say in regards to every one of these progressions.

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